About Us

Yadav Investments Private Limited, founded by Rajveer Yadav is a company incorporated under companies act 1956. With over 15 years of experience and multiple successful startups under his name, we are growing substantially as a brand. Yadav Investments is backed with a very strong team of 26, who are qualified professionals and experts into the related field with strong technical and fundamental subject knowledge, and looks after the company policies and customers satisfaction. Our customers can thus enjoy access to many investments products that need extensive research and preparation. Our company makes things easier to those who wants to invest as an individual, it takes a lot of time and energy for a single person to handle, where our company will help the investor make things easier with skilled and professional team. read more...



There are various benefits for investing in our company. We see our investors as one, as family. Yadav Investment Pvt Ltd helps small investors access professional financial management services, minimise risk and diversify their portfolios. Our company employees experienced finance managers who can take clever financial decisions for the clients especially in the time of crisis. We provide ample opportunities for diversification. We help investors diversify their investments with the help of multiple financial managers and experts who have great knowledge in various asset classes. We believe actions speak louder than words, hence our performance speaks for us. We have been consistently making wealth for our investors, which happens to be our motto.

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